Salatiga Carnival Center

Salatiga Carnival Center
Sebuah event akbar tahunan WORLD CULTURE FASHION CARNIVAL..

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Salatiga, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
I was born in Solo, December 25, 1987 from the father of Drs. Luke Suroso and Mrs. Sri Puji Lestari Hantokyudhaningsih. I grew up in a city full of culture that is the city of Solo. as the descendants of the solos even have blood from a stranger. I was born like a tiny man, weighing> 4 kg. the second child of three brothers that I tried to be a pioneer and a child who was always proud of my extended family. trained hard in terms of education and given the religious sciences until thick. I am standing upright in my life the 19th to voice the aspirations of the marginalized of LGBT in the city of Salatiga. as a new city that will be a starting point toward change and transformation that this country is a country truly democratic. soul, body and all of my life will always fight for rights of the marginalized is to get our citizen rights. Ladyboys no rights, no gay rights, no rights of lesbian, but there's only citizen rights regardless of sexual orientation and gender.

29 November 2010


Satya Wacana Carnival kembali akan tampil dalam perhelatan aktar peringaan hari AIDS se-Dunia di Solo tepatnya tanggal 1 Desember 2010 di depan Balaikota Solo jam 08.00. acara akan di buka oleh Walikota Solo, dan dimeriahkan oleh Putra-Putri Solo dan seluruh LSM peduli AIDS. Satya Wacana Carnival akan mengirimkan 4 orang perfor,er yang menampilkan kostum undersea, Neo Heritage, dan 2 dodotan carnival... hadirin dan saksikanlah perform SWC ini.. SUKSES untuk peringatan hari AIDS se-dunia 2010 di Solo. STOP DISCRIMINATION AND STOP HIV/AIDS....!!!!

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